Nordstrom rocks the house!

I had the chance to attend the Nordstrom Calgary opening gala last night, along with 1,800 other fashion-forward people. What a party!

floor sign editFun floor stickers were scattered through out the store

I will be writing a series of posts about my experience, but first, here are some comments from two of Edmonton’s most prominent fashion experts, who also attended the Gala.

“I was really impressed with the open concept of the store, but also the effort to create an intimate and unique experience in each department. This is the kind of department store design we haven’t seen much of in Alberta and it’s exciting to see stores like Simons and Nordstrom leading the way. Also, kudos to Nordstrom for the Canadian artwork I spotted in the fitting rooms.” Janis Galloway, Dress Me Dearly.

fitting rm 2 apt editOne of several custom designed fitting rooms at Nordstrom

“I think Nordstrom will fill a gap in the Calgary and Alberta fashion scene – it’s not The Bay, it’s not Holt Renfrew, it’s not Simons. It feels youthful, but still carries the established, high-end labels we’ve formerly had to travel to the States for. And did you see that shoe department?!”  — Caroline Gault, Alberta editor, Fashion magazine

ladies wear editLadies wear!

How to wear the mod 60s trend for fall

If you’ve checked out any fashion magazines lately, you’ll see that designers are reinventing the 1960s mod look for fall.

This type of trend is tricky for the mature woman. Generally, we need to be careful with retro looks that we might have worn the first time. If you go-go in a geometric trapeze dress in the 60s, you really need to be careful with how you wear this trend now.

The saying goes, “it’s only vintage if you didn’t wear it when it was new,”

So, as you shop you may see trapeze dresses, bold geometric prints, go-go style boots and more. Here’s how to keep step with this fall trend and wear it with style and confidence.

  • Look for accessories that interpret the trend with an updated look. A handbag, scarf or statement jewelry are great for this. Since it’s a trend, keep your investments modest. After all, it will be short lived.

mod Valentino bag

  • Look for the classic 60s prints in a new silhouette. I like the bold geometrics in a pencil skirt, for example.
  • Take care if you want to try the 60s cats-eye eyeliner. Not many mature women can pull this off. If you want to go retro with cosmetics, try a candy-pink lipstick and play down your eyes.
  • Chunky heeled shoes and booties are all the rage this fall. Again, mature women should take care in attempting to wear this look. Chunky heels are a whisper away from an orthopedic look – not something the stylish mature woman wants to wear!

For inspiration check out Saks Fifth Avenue‘s curated trend collection.

As with all trends, choose carefully. My advice is always for you to invest in the classics, and spend sparingly on trends. Ask yourself, will I be able to wear this again next year? If the answer is no, walk away.


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