Caudalie product review

Caudalie products

I recently finished reading Mathilde Thomas’ book, The French Beauty Solution, and was inspired to think more carefully about the lotions and potions I put on my skin. The premise is based on using natural substances (grape seed, rosewater, and others) as part of a skin care regime that not only provides immediate benefits, but also cultivates a lifetime of lovely skin.

Mathilde is the co-founder of Caudalie skin care, and I was so inspired that I purchased two products: Premier Cru and Vinoperfect elixir. They arrived yesterday so last night I had a chance to give them a try.

After washing my face, I applied Premier Cru, a very smooth, lightly scented serum that claims it “…lifts, firms, smoothes, nourishes, and brightens with a proven blend of Caudalie’s three signature patents—resveratrol, viniferine, and polyphenols—plus five exceptional plant oils.*” It felt luscious and rich, but absorbed quickly. A little goes a long way, which is a good thing given that Caudalie products are not inexpensive. But then, I always believe you get what you pay for.

Following the Premier Cru, I smoothed on the Vinoperfect Elixir, a “…lightweight milky serum corrects and prevents dark spots, to even skin tone and increase radiance.*” Again, its lovely, delicate rose scent and quick absorption made this product heavenly to use.

My skin felt nourished and fresh, not greasy as some products can do.

I am anxious to see the results of regular use of both these products, but I already feel that I am a convert.

Products can be purchased online or at selected retailers.
(NOTE: I did not receive any free products or compensation from Caudalie for this review. I purchased the items myself and offer this review in the interests of my readers. These are my personal observations only. *Quotes in this post are from the Caudalie website.)

Lipsmacking Colour


I look terrible in dark lipsticks. I have always wanted to wear a deep red, but everytime I try I look like a 6-year-old playing with mommy’s makeup. Ridiculous.

I’ve been trying to figure out why some women can wear deep reds and the rest of us have to stay with light pink or peach.

Folks who ascribe to colour draping will tell you that certain colours look better on certain people. I’m not convinced that it’s the only determination when it comes to lip colour.

I think the depth of shade depends on your contrast. Let me explain.

Contrast is the difference between your skin tone and hair colour. Women with ivory skin and black hair have high contrast. There’s a striking difference between hair and skin tone. Platinum blonds with light skin tone have low contrast – it’s hard to differentiate between hair and skin tones. Brunettes with medium skin have medium contrast – neither high nor low.dark red lipstick

I think that women at either extreme – high or low contrast – can wear deep shades of lipstick. It’s the rest of us with medium contrast that struggle.

Here are two examples:

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe, with her fair skin and platinum blonde hair, has low contrast. She looks divine in a deep red lipstick. It works because the lipstick adds a dramatic focal point to her look.

It also works on Julianne Moore, a striking redhead with ivory skin. Her high contrast allows Julianne Moorethe red lipstick to provide balance to her face.

I guess I will just have to live with the idea of medium tones in corals and pinks that align with my medium hair and skintone. Sigh.