Great news in shoes


For women who like style, comfort and convenience, look no further than Galibelle – a great concept in convertible shoes.

What makes them unique? Well, all the boots you see above are variations on the black bootie (second row, centre). That’s right. The fringe detail is removable. The tall leg of the boot, interchangeable. All are added to the basic bootie.


By far, though, the biggest sellers are the sassy sandals, in a great range of styles.

img_20170216_2002513         img_20170216_2002582

You start with a base (left) and add the straps you want – choose from dozens of colours and textures. The straps are easy to pop on and off, which means you can have several ‘different shoes’ just by changing the straps.


They are affordably priced, so that you can buy many different straps, depending on the occasion and need. With padded insoles, these lightweight shoes are comfortable to wear all day!

Best of all, if you travel you need only carry one or two bases with a variety of straps that pack flat.


Visit Canada’s first Galibelle boutique on Whyte Ave and 106 Street, or check them online at galibellecanada.com.


Fashion and politics


By now you’ve heard that several stores, including my fave Nordstrom, have stopped offering Ivanka Trump’s clothing line.

Some people may think that this is a corporate reaction to politics, but in reality, it’s a business decision about a line that women are no longer buying.

When we are angry with a store or restaurant, we’re advised to “vote with our feet,” to make the owners sit up and take notice. We’ve seen boycotts happen before, but they’ve tended to be comparatively short-lived.

In the case of Ivanka Trump’s clothing, I believe consumers are expressing their ivanka-trump-2displeasure with her father’s policies and voting with their feet. They are turning away from her brand as the political situation in the US gets more complicated by the day.

This leaves retailers no choice but to stop stocking a line that doesn’t sell. The retailers themselves have said their decisions are not political statements by the companies, but rather just a case of good business – you stock items people want, and remove those they don’t. It’s just that simple.

This phenomenon is what I’m dubbing ‘trickle down political ramifications’ and may have the potential to affect all of the Trump businesses in some form or another. It will be interesting to see.

What about you? Have you stopped buying the Ivanka Trump brand?