Why I love Paige denim

Paige skyline

Paige Skyline

Next to swimsuits, shopping for jeans is the ultimate torture test. Ugh. What should be our go-to casual pant becomes our worst shopping nightmare. Nothing fits. Denim is too heavy. Bags at the waist, pinches at the hip – or vice versa.

Well, fear no more, gentle readers.

Last year I discovered Paige denim. It’s a lightweight, silky-soft line in various cuts that wears (and feels) like heaven.

The secret is the Transcend® fabric that combines cotton, rayon, polyester and Spandex® for a fit that molds to your body and, best of all, maintains its shape. I find this especially fantastic, even after washing.

How many of you have purchased jeans with stretch (yay!) only to find they’ve stretched out by mid-afternoon, creating lumps of fabric in odd places? So disappointing! I was wearing a brand that inevitably stretched out so much I had to keep hiking them up. No more.

Paige denim comes in a full range of styles, cuts and rises so that you can pick your favourites. I like Verdugo (great with boots) and Skyline (fabulous with heels).

Paige Verdugo

Paige Verdugo skinny

The price point might be a little high, but look for sales or shop off-price stores like Nordstrom Rack.




NOTE: this review reflects my personal opinion. I have not been compensated in any way for this review.

Dress up!


With all the talk about Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding, we’re seeing images from other royal weddings and lots of photos of events that Kate, and now Meghan, are attending.

What I love about British society is that people know how to dress for the occasion. You’ll never see someone in jeans at the London Symphony. When the invitation says “black tie” everyone understands – and respects – the dress code.

Yes, it matters.

In the North American “me first” mentality, people feel the right to dress as they please, irrespective of any attire instructions. It’s pitiful.

When you dress down – less than the required attire – you are insulting the hosts and all the other guests. You are saying that your preferences are more important than the event itself. It’s very self-centered and selfish.

So the next time you are invited out, kindly mind the attire restrictions. When in doubt, it’s better to dress up than down. Show due respect for the hosts and the occasion.


What to wear to:

  • The ballet, symphony or opera – cocktail attire is most appropriate. This means embellished dresses (short or long), metallic or sparkly shoes, evening bag.
  • Live theatre – business or business casual works well. This means blazers with trousers, skirt or a dress; blouse, cardigan and trousers or skirt; summery dress. Heels are always in style.
  • Sporting event – here’s where you can dress casually. This means team jersey and jeans.
  • Religious services – at church, temple or other house of faith, it’s important to dress up – after all, there’s a reason your nice clothes are called “Sunday best.” It’s really not appropriate to wear a sloppy t-shirt and yoga pants to church. Please.

It’s about respecting the occasion – and most importantly – yourself.