Let’s start from the inside out

Foundation garments. Lingerie. Bras and panties. However you refer to your ‘unmentionables’ it’s time for a little chat about the stuff underneath your pretty clothes. Today there are so many options to help create a smooth silhouette, but hands down, the best investment you can make is a bra that fits and supports. Gravity has not been kind to those of us over 50, so we may need more lift than we might have 20 years ago. You will likely also be surprised to find you need a bigger size. Remember that the band does the “heavy lifting” – otherwise strapless bras could never have been invented! The band should run around your torso on an even level, from under your breasts around the back to under your shoulder blades.  If you have bumps popping out above or below your band under your arms or on your back, you are wearing the wrong size. Similarly, your cups should not runneth over. Finally, try a t-shirt bra for a smooth look or a pushup bra for a  youthful look. Go see a fitting specialist and get some expert advice. You may find the result is a younger, slimmer look that reflects your sassy nature.

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