The colours of spring

It’s very important to understand your colour season, especially as new fashions appear on the scene. Should you wear the bright oranges, yellows, lime greens and reds that are so in vogue this spring?

The truth is that everyone can wear every colour – it’s a matter of tone and intensity. You need to have your colour palette assessed in order to understand the colour tones and intensities that work best on you.

I am a Spring. I look best in the soft, warm colours of spring – full range of warm pinks, periwinkle, lemon, gold, warm navy, and yellow green, warm brown, soft taupe. Fortunately, these shades are hot right now for spring.

I cannot wear bright blue or black. These colours make me look unwell. I cannot wear jewel tones – they are too vibrant for my skin tone.

As women mature, these distinctions become even more important. Does your colour selection minimize fine lines or your face? Or does it make you look 10 years older?

I highly recommend you read “Colour Me Beautiful” the gold standard in personal colour analysis – or its newest version “Colour Me Confident” which takes colour analysis to a new level. Nothing beats personal consultation with an image consultant for an objective assessment.

We can’t control what colours the fashion industry deems to be ‘hot’ for any particular collection. We can, however, know which colours make us glow and which colours are best left on the rack.

2 thoughts on “The colours of spring

  1. Given that you’re a spring, it will be interesting to see how you look in the “black gown that features a soft chiffon skirt and sassy black and white bodice and matching bolero jacket.” Most springs look sickly in black and white. And silver doesn’t do them any favours either. Perhaps you’re the rare exception, or not really a spring after all?

    • Hi
      Thanks for your comment. I am, indeed a spring, and you’re right I don’t wear black or silver well. If you saw my post on formal wear, you know that my choices for a formal gown were limited so I made the best I could with the circumstance! Although the “dusty rose” mother-of-the-bride dress colour was closer to my palette, the dress was brutally awful. I chose style over colour in this instance. Here’s hoping dress designers can find a place where style and colour meet! Thanks again – great to chat!

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