Dressing for your body shape

As younger women, we might have had hourglass or V-shaped figures.We might have been thinner. We might have even been taller (well, certainly with our stilettos on).

As women approaching or dealing with menopause, however, we’re starting to lose our waistlines. A common casualty that has everything to do with hormones (and, well, that pint of chocolate ice cream might have contributed. too!)

How we dressed when we were younger has changed in many ways, including that  many of us are now dealing with a rectangular or “H” shaped body. You know, a barely discernable waistline – often just a straight line from our ribcages to our hips.

The good news is, it’s easy to adjust for the rectangular body shape, simply by choosing more flattering silhouettes.

Create the illusion of a waistline by wearing structured jackets, blouses or dresses that have (modest) shoulder pads. This will broaden out the shoulders – just a little, mind you, this isn’t the 80s and we’re not on Dallas or Dynasty!

Next, cinch in your waist with an attractive belt. Popping a belt over a longer tunic or blouse will enhance your waistline. Wear that structured jacket over top and voila!

Wrap tops or dresses also do a masterful job of creating curves in all the right places. Be sure to wear the right foundation garments to smooth your look.

Patterns and embellishments, such as ruffles, can provide visual interest. When choosing patterns or texture (like ruffles) be sure to match the scale of your facial features. If you have small features, choose small patterns and texture. This will provide balance and alignment to your look.

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