Designer style

I recently purchased an Hermes scarf. A beautfiul, silk scarf in bold orange and red tones. It is my current prized possession.

Having had the opportunity to wander through designer salons on a recent trip, I was struck once again with the incredible gulf between the rich and, well, the rest of us.

Lingering over the Chanel handbags or iconic jackets? At $2500+ well out of reach for me!

Tis the stuff of dreams. In the meantime, I look for ways to incorporate designer pieces in the “bite sized” bits I can afford. Scarves, perfume, wallets, belts, sunglasses and other accessories are a great way to incorporate a little designer style into your wardrobe. Choose pieces that can be a focal point in your outfit. Keep other accessories to a minimum; after all, you’re not trying to be showy, merely well-presented.

And, if head-to-toe Chanel is the ultimate goal, you might want to pick up some lottery tickets.

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