Does age define style?

Should your age define your look?

I don’t think there are a lot of hard and fast rules for mature women. I believe people should wear clothing that’s appropriate for the occasion or environment and is stylish. Skirts above the knee? Sure. Micro minis? Probably not. Bikini? If you’ve got the body for it, why not? Just make sure you’re at the pool or beach when you do. 😉

The point for women is to look good in all you do. It’s that simple and that hard.What messages are you sending through your style? How do you want to be perceived?

If you want to try edgier fashion, go with something as an accent piece. See how you feel about it. Context is so important, too. Be more conservative at work; more daring out on the town. Be sure to dress for your body shape and enhance your silhouette.

When choosing fashion, let your own personal style be your guide, not perceptions about age.

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