White for fall/winter 2012

We’re seeing lighter colours make their way into the fall/winter wardrobe for 2012. Yes, you can wear white after Labour Day – and peach, oatmeal, and many other pale shades.

The trick to wearing white in fall/winter is to wear a winter white or oyster – shades that are not as bright as pure white. Pair it with some of fall’s richer tones and accessorize to create an appropriate seasonal flair.

Marc Cain has create several innovative colour palettes for fall/winter 2012, but my favourite is Vanilla Sky – tones of beige, oatmeal, grey and steel blue that combine to create an amazing look. You can find Edmonton’s largest selection of Marc Cain fashion at TK Clothing. (Disclosure: TK Clothing is a client of Focus Communications, of which I am co-owner).

Michael Kors has a beautiful fall/winter collection, with rich tones of red, grey and black. You’ll see that layers and flexible pieces are the key to this season’s wardrobe.

I’m a huge fan of Kate Spade and love the way she has transitioned the oranges of spring into richer tones for fall. Kate Spade is known for her use of bright colours in all aspects of her collection, including handbags and small leathers. I love that we’re seeing a continuation of bright trousers into fall in shades of plum, red, orange and gold.

As you plan your fall wardrobe, think about the pieces you can transition from summer to fall, building on the palettes that were such a hit. We’re seeing raspberry and orange together for fall in a bright, beautiful way. Here’s Marc Cain’s interpretation:


What’s in your wardrobe for fall 2012?

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