7 Signs of Aging (hint: it’s not wrinkles)

There are many signs of aging that become evident past age 45 or 50 – some we can address; some we have to live with. Here are my suggestions for addressing these common signs of aging:

  • Yellowing teeth. You don’t need to spend a lot on whitening procedures. I love Colgate Optic White toothpaste, which is a revolutionary advancement in toothpaste-based whiteners. I have noticed great results using this product.
  • Rosacea. If you have spidery red lines appearing on your cheeks, you’re not alone. Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects people over the age of 45. If Rosacea is a concern for you, see your doctor or dermatologist.
  • Age spots. These flat brown or black spots start appearing on arms, legs, face and other areas after age 40. Information from the Mayo Clinic may help you click here.
  • Grey roots. Many women begin colouring their hair in their 40s. This can be an expensive ongoing treatment, however, nothing ages you like grey roots peeking through. I’ve used Clairol’s Root Touch Up before, with great results.
  • Dull skin. Over time, skin can lose its lustre. I personally use Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin Tone Illuminator and find it to be amazing at brightening and evening skin tone. I find the results to be so good that I often skip foundation or powder.
  • Unkempt brows. Over-tweezed, pencil-thin brows look out of style and are very aging. So are brows that have turned grey.  If you want to stay current, well groomed eyebrows are important. An aesthetician can help you re-shape and style your eyebrows. At home, eyebrow pencils can be a girl’s best friend – choose a colour that is close to your hair colour and always remember to blend the lines with a brush.
  • Facial hair. Oh, so embarrassing peach fuzz or wiry dark chin hairs, nothing says aging like facial hair. There are many products available to deal with facial hair at home, or you can look to your aesthetician for other treatments. For at home treatments, Nair offers a super range of creams and waxing.

That’s my list – can you add to this?

(NOTE: These are my personal suggestions. I do not have any ties to these products, nor have I received any compensation for mentioning them here.)

2 thoughts on “7 Signs of Aging (hint: it’s not wrinkles)

  1. love the list….i would agree with ALL of your points…..and i like that you offer reasonably priced solutions!

    you mention how helpful a good aesthetician can be – any recommendations for #yeg based ones?

    thanks in advance

    su 🙂

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