Your style reflects your personality

Who are you?

Don’t say ‘mom’ or ‘accountant.’ Really think about who you are inside. It’s an interesting exercise because we often define ourselves by exterior factors: family, job, location…

But who you are is, and should be, reflected in your personal style. That comes from within. If you’ve never explored this before, here are some style types to consider:

Dramatic – often statuesque, the dramatic personality loves bold, bright and extremes in fashion. She is often prepared to wear the most avant garde fashion and does so with flair.

Natural – is the opposite of dramatic! Natural women tend toward sportswear and casual lines, unstructured jackets, soft edges.

Romantic – is a girly-girl. The romantic wears lace, ruffles and flounces well. She looks best in a softly draped silhouette.

Classic – the classic women loves classic looks. She stays up to date more conseratively than the dramatic women and tends to avoid loud prints and too-trendy looks.

Sporty – is most comfortable in easy wearing clothes and fabrics that allow for a great range of movement. This is a casual style that reflects an active lifestyle.

I tend toward classic for the most part… venturing sometimes into romantic depending on the occasion. I like the classic looks which tend to be timeless, interspersed with romantic dresses, lace and soft ruffles.

Which one suits your personality? What are you most comfortable in? What makes you glow?

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