Expanding my social media presence

One of the things that always bugs me is when people talk about the demographics of people on social media. I’m 52. I’ve been on Twitter for nearly 5 years – in fact, among the first in Edmonton to join Twitter. Not what is typically described as those who are active on social media. (Note to marketers, plenty of baby boomer people are very active in social media.)

I established @stylepurpose50 in April of this year when I launched this blog. Of course, my Twitter account is one way in which I send out my new blog posts.

Between running a business, establishing my new image consultancy, taking courses and being active in the community, I took a conscious decision to ease into other social media platforms. I’ve always lived by the credo that if you can’t be a strong presence in a platform, you’re better off not to be there at all.

I’m ready to start expanding my presence in other platforms, so I’ve set up a Pinterest account – please visit me there (styleonpurpose). It’s still in its infancy, very much a work in progress. I will focus on fashion, styles and topics of interest to baby boomer women. If you’re on Pinterest, please let me know so I can follow you.

See you in the clouds.

2 thoughts on “Expanding my social media presence

  1. Totally agree with you regarding how it shouldn’t be a surprise that people “our age” are involved in social media. The Fashion Mister (9 years older than I) and myself have been on Facebook for 6-7 years! and I have had a Twitter acount for 3! Our demographic is well misunderstood and underestimated. I’m new to Pinterest but will be looking you up! 🙂

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