Custom boots are just a click away

Yes, it’s true! Soon you will be able to order your own pair of custom made boots, fit just for you.

A new venture is launching in November that’s sure to take off. Poppy Barley is an Edmonton-based company that specializes in helping women find not only a beautiful boot, but made-to-measure fit.

The company has been vigorously testing its product since June and will make these fabulous boots available for online purchase next month. The key is in delivering quality boots that address any and all fit concerns you may have.

“While custom fit boots are available in some industry sectors, such as equestrian riding or the RCMP, there were no fashion equivalents,” says co-founder Kendall Barber. “We took the concept and applied it to fashion.”

The result is amazing. As I sat with Kendall over coffee, I had to take a moment to admire her company’s handiwork:

“We’re launching with three classic looks: riding boot style, military style and a chic style,” says Kendall. “These are looks that will stand the test of time and provide great value over the long term.”

Boots can be ordered with the colour of leather and trimmings that you desire. Leathers come in caramel, a rich brown (see photo) and black. Buckles and trims come in gold tone, silver tone and antiqued finish. Boots are lined with a signature blue leather – Poppy Barley’s calling card.

The company does not plan to operate a retail storefront; rather, it intends to take its products to anyone who is seeking to find a handmade, custom boot with exquisite styling made of the finest materials.

Ladies, step this way.

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