Simons opens in Edmonton

If you haven’t heard of Simons before, you’ve probably never lived in Quebec. The venerable fashion retailer has operated for more than 170 years in La Belle Province, and is currently under the direction of the 5th generation of Simons’ family owners.

We are absolutely delighted to welcome this style icon to the Edmonton retail landscape. Such a refreshing, customer focussed approach! The store is beautifully appointed, with delightful, and sometimes humorous, touches throughout. A whopping 120,000 square feet of prime shopping space means outstanding selection and a wide range of products targeted to three women’s demographics: 18-24, 25-40 and 40+. There’s also an extensive men’s section and household bed and bath linens.

Besides house brands Twik (18-24), Icone (25-40) and Contemporaine (40+), Simons offers a lovely selection of designer labels, including Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Diane von Furstenberg, Vince, Chloe and many more.

Simons is destined to be a new favourite shopping experience – and, truly, that’s what it is: a total experience. Check it out – you won’t be disappointed. Here are some pics from my preview tour:

Gorgeous jacket

Orange and aubergine bath linens

Fun and functional men’s fitting rooms

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