Act (less than) your age with your shoe size!

One of the ways we can regain our youthful appearance is by ditching the loafers and sliding into some heels. Nothing ages a woman more than boring sensible shoes. Loafers, athletic shoes, clogs, oxfords, top-siders… these shoes can have their purposes, but thick uppers, Velcro tabs and rubber soles can also be very aging.

Fortunately, shoe designers have been working overtime to create spectacular shoes in a range of styles, fits and heel heights. Ballet flats and smoking slippers provide very stylish options when high heels are not possible. And, for those times when the occasion calls for a stunning pair of heels, take a look at the many great options that marry style, comfort and sex appeal. Here are some of my recent finds, conveniently placed under the Christmas tree:

Here’s a Madden Girl black patent shoe with 3.75 inch heels with a one inch hidden platform. Hidden platforms are a girl’s best friend. They minimize the height difference between your toes and your heel, but give the appearance of soaring high heels. Choosing a narrow heel is more age-appropriate that the chunky style that younger girls wear. Also: avoid platforms that are higher than an inch – thicker platforms are usually found on shoes headed for the nightclub.


This nude shoe with flower detail from Naturalizer (yes, Naturalizer) is a comfortable, yet sassy shoe with a 3.5 inch heel. And because it’s Naturalizer, the shoe is super easy to wear, with all day comfort. Inside, padded insoles provide cushioning that cradle your feet.


When you’re feeling especially adventurous, this nude and black Nine West shoe, with enticing ankle strap, has a sky-high 4.25 inch heel for a look that is both sophisticated and sexy. Perhaps choose this shoe when going to the theatre or ballet – times when you need to make a stunning entrance, but will be seated for most of the evening.


TIPS: buy gel shoe inserts for the ball of your foot. These not only provide extra cushioning, but also keep your foot from sliding forward in your heels. If you haven’t worn heels for a while, start gradually. Re-train your muscles to handle the new demands and practice walking gracefully. Slowly increase the heel height as you get more comfortable. Don’t push it – don’t risk an injury by wearing heels that are too high for you.

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