What’s on your fashion dream list?

In recent years, I’ve been fortunate to acquire some very special pieces. Some are classics. Some are fashion-forward. Some, however, are beyond my reach – so I’ve created this wish list if that lottery win ever comes in:

chanel classic handbag

  • Chanel handbag. I love the classic style quilted handbag with the chain strap.

Burberry trench

  • Burberry trench. The iconic trench would be an amazing addition to any wardrobe.

LV keepall 50

  • Louis Vuitton carryon luggage. I would NEVER trust a full set of luggage with an airline, but having a carryon bag (that I would protect and keep my eye on) would be amazing.

CH spring 2013

  • Carolina Herrara dress. Having had the opportunity to see the workmanship, detailing and tailoring, I would love to own a CH dress. Her collections are always very wearable.

What’s your dream collection? I’d appreciate hearing from you.

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