Try a little tenderness

Why are we so judgmental? It’s amazing to me how hard we are on each other. Every where we go, people are being judged – the way they look, how they dress, what size they wear.

No wonder we’re all a bunch of walking insecurities! I’m not just talking fashion, although it’s an easy – and highly visible – target.

How many times have you overheard (or said) something snarky about a total stranger walking down the street? It’s ironic. We cavalierly deliver such comments, yet would be devastated to be on the receiving end. We’d sure hate for the person to hear what we just said. So why do we do it? We need to be nicer to one another, and, well, cut a little slack.

So here’s a challenge. Today when you walk down the street, enter an elevator, stroll the shopping centre or attend a meeting, try to find something nice to say to the people you encounter. Brighten someone’s day. Be positive. And hope that others will do the same for you. Because we all could use a break.

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