Chic is an attitude

Elegant or casual? Sophisticated or sloppy? Fashionable or frumpy?

How you present yourself to the world is a reflection of your inner self. Self esteem plays a huge role in how people pull themselves together each day.

Consider this. In many cities around the world, work attire is expected to be a suit and tie, pant suit, dress or jacket and skirt. No jeans. No flip flops. No yoga pants.

So why do people come to work dressed like they are on vacation or ready to weed the garden? When you’re dressed for the gym, what makes you think you are projecting a capable, competent attitude?

Chic is an attitude – but it’s also a reflection about how you feel about yourself. Well, here’s an idea: why not get dressed to honour yourself and others with whom you will work today? Why not demonstrate that you’re worth the effort to look polished, instead of looking like you just rolled out of bed.

I know lots of people who look sharp every day. Sadly, I know more people who look like they’ve given up the will to live. You don’t need to wear expensive designer clothes, but you owe it to yourself and others to wear appropriate attire to work – and that means clothes that are clean, neat and in good repair; clothes that are reflective of your inner spirit and attitude; and clothes that reflect your confidence and competence.

After all, to quote a major brand of hair colour, you’re worth it.

Here are some great looks to inspire you>



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