Out with the (c)old

Now that spring has arrived and the weather has warmed, it’s time to switchover your closet.

Store the winter clothes:

  • First, edit. Look at your winter clothes and identify those that are past their prime and destined for the garbage. Also look for items in good condition that you want to donate. Keep the staples and timeless styles for next year. Get clothes drycleaned before storing.
  • Second, shift. Move items to another location (either back of closet or another closet). Their time is past. Keep any items that may still work in cooler spring days if paired with tops or jackets.
  • Don’t forget your shoes and boots in this process. Clean and put away your fall/winter shoes and boots.
  • Finally, discard or donate any items that don’t fit, are in disrepair or stained.

Bring on the sun!

  • Bring back your spring/summer clothes. Give them a good once over and dryclean/repair anything that wasn’t attended to last year. Donate or discard those fashions that no longer work for you: out of style, beyond repair, don’t fit.
  • Organize your closet. This is a personal choice but there are a couple of ways to approach this. You can colour coordinate and group like-coloured items together. Or you can arrange by outfit, grouping pieces that work together.
  • Find your sassy, strappy sandals and summer shoes. Clean them and organize to make it easy to pair them with your outfits.
  • Gather your rain gear for those stormy days. Umbrellas, raincoats or trenches, rain boots. Consider getting a micro-umbrella to carry in your purse.

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