Style tips for mature women

Make sure each garment fits

  • Don’t get hung up on size – fit is more important.
  • Not too tight, not baggy.
  • Make friends with a tailor and have clothing altered.
  • Wear a properly-fitted bra. Gravity is not our friend.

Pair classics with trendy items

  • Invest in basics – suits, dresses, jackets, skirts, trousers. Pick classic styles that stay in fashion.
  • Express trends through accessories – an easy way to freshen any look.
  • Get rid of outdated clothes and mom jeans.
  • Athletic wear is for athletic activities. Period.


Be bold with colour and patterns

  • Don’t wear black near the face – it’s too harsh.
  • Don’t wear monochromatic pastels. Choose an anchor piece in pastel and pair with solids, prints or neutrals.
  • When mixing patterns, scale is critical. Pair small patterns with large-scale ones.


  • Understated is better, so avoid too many sequins and sparkles.

Avoid these fashion no-nos for mature women

  • Holiday and theme sweaters and souvenir tops.
  • Short shorts and rompers.
  • Cargo pants or shorts.
  • Miniskirts.

Tips for hair and make up

  • Change your hairstyle. It’s ok. Hair grows.
  • Avoid pearl or frosted eyeshadow, which can emphasize wrinkles. Use matte instead.
  • Pick one feature to highlight at a time – a bold lip or dramatic eyes, not both.

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