Weather the heat

It’s hot. It’s humid. How’s a girl to survive?

Here are some tips for keeping your cool when the temperatures rise:

  • Wear natural fibres: cotton, linen, silk are cool in hot temps because they breathe.
  • Wear layers. Huh? It seems counterintuitive, but when it’s hot outside, it’s often freezing in the AC indoors. Layers allow you to adapt your look to the climate.
  • Dresses are perfect in warm weather. In office settings, though, be mindful that some businesses don’t allow sleeveless looks so pair your summer dress with a cute cardigan or bolero.
  • Choose chic strappy sandals or slingbacks for the office, but keep the flip flops to the beach! No matter how hot it is, flip flops are NOT appropriate for work, unless you’re a lifeguard.
  • Less is more when it comes to makeup. There’s nothing less attractive than seeing a woman whose face is literally sliding down her chin. Skip the foundation in favour of lighter tinted BB creams (bonus: most have SPF) or dust on some powder. Choose powder eyeshadows and keep the look light. Lighten up on the eyeliner, too.
  • Towelettes can cool you off and refresh your look. Keep a stash in your purse.
  • If you have longer hair that frizzes out in humidity, keep barrettes, clips and elastics handy for quick, on-the-go hair fixes.
  • Wear sunglasses. Sun can cause damage to your eyes!
  • And… a tip from Danielle Fuechtmann – keep an umbrella at work for those late-day showers that pop up.

Keep cool and carry on.

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