Where does the mature woman shop?

Where to shop? This remains one of the great challenges for mature women.  Malls are filled with lots of stores geared toward 20-somethings. And, we know the couple of chain stores geared toward our moms.  For those of us in between, what’s left?

Firstly, decide for which aspect of your lifestyle you’re shopping. Work clothes are very different from casual clothes, and there are stores that specialize in each. Formal wear is a whole other category!

Here are some suggestions for you to consider for in-person shopping in Edmonton:

Casual Wear:

  • My Filosophy – great selection of denim, wraps, shoes and more.
  • Banana Republic – many women find casual wear here, reasonably priced.
  • J Crew – Interesting separates and of-the-moment trends.


  • TK Clothing* – great selection of pants, tops, suits, dresses and more from European designers.
  • Blu’s – many well-known labels are offered; great sales.
  • Sonia’s Runway – great mix of well-known designers and merchandise.


  • Hudson’s Bay (Southgate) – fashion in a range of price points to fit any occasion. Try Not Your Daughter’s Jeans – they’re amazing.
  • Simons – selections are divided by target audience. Twik is for women in their 20s, Icone is for 30-40 year old professionals, while Contemporaine is geared toward 40+. Also features high-end designer fashion.

Special Occasion:

  • Melanie Lyne – Beautiful fashions for a range of occasions.
  • Liliana’s Boutique – great selection of formal wear, Mother of the Bride and special occasion attire.

Of course, many people choose to shop online. I have personally found that Nordstrom makes the process very easy, with all-in pricing in Canadian dollars (merchandise, taxes, duty and delivery) at checkout so there are no surprises when your item is delivered.

I haven’t purchased from Saks online, but it appears their offering is very similar to Nordstrom. I do like to shop Saks whenever I’m in the US and find they carry quality merchandise from all my favourite designers.

There are options, but more importantly, you need a plan when you go shopping. Just wandering the mall won’t be helpful. In my next post, I’ll offer some effective shopping tips.

*Disclosure: TK Clothing is a client at my public relations firm.

3 thoughts on “Where does the mature woman shop?

    • The age-old debate! Where can you find stylish AND comfortable shoes? Try Nordstrom as they have the largest selection. Try Munro, which is a great brand. The website has a whole section called “comfort” which is great. Good luck!

    • Kunitz Shoes carries several brands of superbly crafted, VERY comfortable shoes that are designed for human feet, i.e. they look good and feel good, even – especially – for feet with problems with pain and/or proper fit – and they will last for years when properly cared for.

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