What’s your body type?

Perhaps the most important fashion-related thing a woman should know about herself is her body type. Why? So that you can choose the right styles and cuts that flatter you best. Once you know your body type, there are little tips and tricks you can use to accentuate the positive and minimize trouble spots.

There are five basic body types:


Your shoulders, waist and hips are in alignment.  Celeb match: Kate Middleton


Job #1 – create the illusion of a waist. This can be done with colour, belts, prints and diagonal patterns.

Triangle (also known as pear)

Your shoulders are narrower than your hips. Celeb match: Beyonce


Job #1 – Play up the top half of your body. This can be done by adding interest to your neckline with vibrant shades or interesting jewelry and scarves. You can minimize your bottom with dark colours and straight tailored lines in pants and skirts. Go with light colours on top, dark on the bottom.

Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders and bust are larger than your hips. Celeb match: Pamela Anderson


Job #1 – Play up your bottom half. Pleats and flowing skirts are a great way to draw attention to your lower half. Avoid boatneck or off-the-shoulder tops which will accentuate your wide shoulders. Go with dark colours on top, lighter on the bottom.


Your hips and shoulders are proportional, with a defined waist. Celeb match: Christina Hendricks


Job #1 – Showcase your waist and highlight your curves. Edith Head (costumer designer) once said: “Your dresses should be tight enough to know you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.” Look for fabrics that drape or stretch: jerseys, silk, light knits and fabrics mixed with Spandex.


Your hips and shoulders are proportionate; your waist is the widest part of your frame. Celeb match: Melissa McCarthy.


Job #1 – Play up your arms and legs. V-necks, vertical panels and slim scarves can create a long look. Halter, boat and scoop necklines draw attention. Pencil skirts and a-lines create vertical interest.

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