Classic plaid for fall

As fall approaches, soon the leaves will starting turning and the nights will get cooler. Time to think about your fall wardrobe.

As with every season, there are trends that emerge to capture our interests. Plaid is a perennial fall favourite and this year, it’s everywhere.

As a mature woman, how do you interpret the plaid trend without looking like a school girl or lumberjack? You may wish to avoid plaid miniskirts and flannel shirts in favour of some more subtle accents that can easily be incorporated into existing wardrobes. The key is to add just one piece to an outfit – avoid going head-to-toe in plaid.  Here are some suggestions:

Burberry scarf

Everyone loves this classic! Whether you choose a silk or cashmere scarf, the classic Burberry adds elegance to any outfit.


Stella McCartney handbag

Stella McCartney has joined those who think a plaid handbag is a fun and easy way to incorporate the trend into a wardrobe.


Lucy Choi London shoes

And, finally, who can resist a pair of flirty plaid heels? These cute shoes are Lucy Choi London’s offering for the fall season.


One thought on “Classic plaid for fall

  1. We couldn’t agree more! We’ll be stocking the shelves with a few key plaid pieces (with a feminine twist) this season

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