Colour me happy!


Are you a spring or a winter? Cool or warm undertones? Say what now?

You’ve probably heard of colour seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter and wondered about your own colouring. It’s not a complicated system and it needn’t be overwhelming to follow the guidelines. Here are the basics:


First, do you have a cool or warm undertone to your skin? The easiest way to find out is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. If they appear green or yellowish, you have a warm undertone.

Four seasons, two undertone groupings

Winter and summer seasons have cool undertones.

Winter wears the bold, jewel toned colours, with white and black as neutrals. Winters often have dark hair and lighter skin creating a high contrast.

Summer looks wonderful in icy pastels, and can wear white but not black. Summers are typically silvery blonds or light ash brunettes with clear blue eyes.

Cool seasons should wear silver and white gold jewelry.

Spring and autumn have warm undertones.

Spring looks best in warm corals, salmons, pinks and butter yellow. Springs are warm golden blonds or golden brunettes.

Autumn is muted olives, burnt oranges, mustard yellows. Autumns cannot wear blue. Autumns often are redheads, from strawberry blond to deep auburn.

Warm seasons should wear gold-tone and bronze jewelry.

What to wear

Wear the colours that bring you to life – sounds obvious but too often delicate springs wear black and dramatic winters wear peach or yellow. You’ll know which suit you best by holding up different shades next to your face. The colours that suit you make you look younger, more vibrant and brighter.  Colours that don’t work for you will make you look older, drawn, or even sick.

The above is a basic guideline, and not everyone will “see” themselves here. There’s a lot more to know if you’re interested! If you’re still not sure, ask me or another image consultant for a consultation. Leave me a comment and a way to reach you.

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