Nail art and extreme make up


Mature women, take care before attempting nail art and dramatic makeup!

That’s my message to women over the age of 45, especially those in power positions corporately or in the community.

As much as I admire the cool designs that nail art has created, it just looks inappropriate on businesswomen, community leaders and frankly, anyone over 45. This is a time when we need to look chic and sophisticated. Nail art designs, whether it’s drawings, patterns or ‘bejeweled,’ really belongs to women in the 20s and 30s. Keep the designs for the weekend if you need to, and stick to nudes, pinks, reds and corals for daytime.


Similarly, dramatic make up, particularly heavy eyeliner or cats-eye designs, are not becoming to mature skin. Every season, cosmetics companies come out with bold colours. Unfortunately, green and blue only emphasize wrinkles and lines! Your better option is to stick to a neutral palette that compliments your skin and hair colour. After all, make up should enhance natural beauty – it’s not paint by numbers.


I know it’s hard to see these trends in the magazines and not try them out. But before you do, consider the impression you are making not only on those people you know, but equally on new acquaintances.

You only get one chance at a first impression.

3 thoughts on “Nail art and extreme make up

  1. Great point! I’m very fond of boldly coloured manicures and lipstick, but I definitely think about who I might be meeting with when I’m getting ready. While I’m not opposed to subtle nail art (when it’s tasteful), personally I find many designs just look messy. Similarly, I think most brightly coloured/dramatic eyeshadow should be left to the weekend/going out.

    Maybe I’m more conservative than I think I am (for my age, at least), but I think even women in their 20s-30s should be really critical of whether or not their makeup is flattering and suitable for their activity!

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