Shop with intention

One of my favourite shows is “Say Yes to the Dress,” a guilty pleasure, I know. I love when women find their fashion sense and happily say yes to a dress that truly makes them feel beautiful.

ImageThis led me to wonder why ALL of our outfits don’t give us the same feeling. Now, we obviously can’t wear flouncy white ballgowns every day, but surely our clothes should make us feel special, pretty, confident…every day.

As I pondered this, I considered the process a bride goes through to choosing her dress. Perhaps we should give the same time and attention to every item in our wardrobes that brides give to selecting their wedding dresses. Here’s what brides do that most women don’t when shopping for everyday clothes:

  • Try on several styles to see which one flatters our shapes
  • Try on a style we wouldn’t normally choose
  • Try on dresses without worrying about the size; instead, focusing on the fit
  • Take a professional saleperson’s advice, and let the salesperson select options for us
  • When trying on the dress, wear the undergarments and shoes we will wear on event day
  • Accessorize to complete the look to see if it’s the right dress
  • Get opinions from our friends
  • Get the dress altered to fit

Perhaps if we did these things when shopping we would have bride-like experiences every day.

Just a thought.

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