Less is more in 2014

It’s no secret that I love to shop. New styles, colours, fabrics attract me like bees to honey. I’ve realized, though, that there is a point at which you have enough. Yes, I said it. (I believe my husband just fainted.)

This year is going to be the year when I maximize what I have and reduce (ok, I can’t stop) shopping to those essentials that I need or special purchases on my bucket list.

Every year landfills are overrun with cast off clothes. Charities, although appreciative of all donations, are also swamped with no-longer-wanted clothes. As a society, we are addicted to fast fashion – those cheaply made, of-the-moment clothes that only last a few wearings before they’re toast. The cost of those “cheap” clothes is enormous: human, environmental, resource-sucking… we have to stop.

For the last several years, I have stopped buying fast fashion in favour of quality clothing in classic styles that will last. I implore you to do the same. It comes down to a very simple cost-per-wear calculation: well-made clothes that fit are a better buy than fast fashion made of paper-thin fabric that lasts only a couple of wears.

In the next couple of weeks, I will do my semi-annual closet cull. As I edit down to those pieces that I love and wear regularly, and set aside those I no longer cherish, I am going to keep in mind the total cost of clothing purchases. Please consider doing the same. Your bank account, the landfill, and local charities will thank you.

3 thoughts on “Less is more in 2014

  1. love love this post
    i agree 100% to buy quality not quantity–but it has taken me many years to learn this!
    not only does it help enviro, but it always saves $$$ in the end!
    thanks again
    i am sharing this post with my edmonton master composter and recycler friends!
    su 🙂

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