Stylish boots help beat the winter blues

My Poppy Barley boots

As a Poppy Barley Ambassador, I love wearing my boots with a range of looks. Dress up or dress down, these bespoke boots make a fashion-forward statement. If you’re not familiar with Poppy Barley, these are custom-made boots to reflect your own personal style. You can choose from a range of colours and finishings, depending on the style of the boot. My heeled boots are The Promenade (shown above). I chose a combination of black leather and black nubuck, together with a shiny gold zipper that acts as a stunning accent.
Best of all, the boots are custom fit to your measurements. When my boots arrived, I slipped them on and found them immediately comfortable. That’s because the foot and calf measurements you take ensure that the boots will fit you – not some predetermined sizing chart. Most people have some sort of fit challenge, ranging from muscular calves to having two different sized feet! For me, my wide foot is often difficult to fit comfortably, especially in heels.

Daytime looks
In this capsule collection, I show how you can wear the elegant Promenade boot with a Burberry military-style dress, paired with your choice of scarf, jacket and handbag. Pops of colour and mixes of patterns make this collection suitable for daytime dressing.

It’s a great way to get through the last few weeks of winter in style.

(Disclaimer: I am a Poppy Barley Ambassador)

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