Hard as nails

By now you know that my husband and I are working with a personal trainer three mornings a week. On Friday, my session consisted of some cardio and boxing. This is all good and well except:

  • I didn’t know we were going to box
  • I had painted my nails the night before in preparation for an evening out on Friday night

Rats! Oh well, I thought, I can always re-do my nails on my lunchbreak, I guess. I donned the boxing gloves and happily hit the pads held by my trainer, Juan. (He says I throw a pretty good punch, by the way. Consider yourselves warned.)


(That’s me on the right…hey, don’t judge, it’s 6:30 in the morning!)

It’s actually a fun (and stress-relieving) workout, I highly recommend it. Now, back to my nails. I was sure there would be chips and chunks of polish missing.

Nope. See for yourself.


No chips. No broken nails. No problems. I was impressed! Thanks to Kate Spade New York (in rose), Sally Hansen (gold glitter and topcoat) for helping me discover that I can box in the morning and head out on the town in the evening.

(Disclaimer: I bought all the nail products myself. This is not a sponsored post. However, if folks from Kate Spade and Sally Hansen are reading this, well…please feel free to send me samples!)

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