Put your hand up


Thumbing through the March issue of Marie Claire magazine (hey, I’m a little behind in my reading!) I came across the “Editor’s Note” column – the regular musings of editor Anne Fulenwider. At the bottom, she invited readers to give her feedback on Marie Claire.

So I did.

Now, I don’t really expect to hear back from her or her staff. But I wanted to at least send the message about the needs of mature women.

Marie Claire is a great magazine, and I love it because it has a super range of departments (Marie Claire @work, Marie Claire @play, 101 ideas and more). The magazine also includes a regular column by Nicolette Mason called, “Big Girl in a Skinny World.”

Although I am not plus-sized, I do feel an affinity for these women. You see, mature women, just like plus-sized women, are routinely ignored by the fashion industry. We are the outsiders – the ones who don’t fit the 22-year old, size 0 mold. Yet, we are the majority.

There are more baby boomers (still) in the population than any other age co-hort – Gen X, Gen Y, Millenial.

Ah, but it seems – according to the fashion industry – that we’re past our best before date.

So, I’ve asked Marie Claire to consider adding a column to their magazine to address the needs of mature women, aged 45+. After all, we’re way more likely to actually afford the clothes, bags, shoes and accessories that decorate the pages of the magazine.

We’ll see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Put your hand up

  1. I’m so glad you sent them that feedback, I totally agree (and I know my mom does too)! It also drives me a little crazy when they do their token annual “age issue” or poorly done “dress the trend at your age” pieces. While I think it would be great to have a column, like you suggested, I would also love to see more age/size diversity throughout magazines without it having to be pointed out. In my experience, while it’s nice to have a plus-size column, sometimes it feels like it’s a throwaway- a single page out of an entire magazine!
    I’m excited to see if they pursue your suggestion, I think it’s a great point!

    • Hi Danielle
      Thanks for your comments. I think Marie Claire has a real opportunity to be a leader in diversity. Here’s hoping my message gets to the right person. It would be a start.

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