Can buying a swimsuit really be painless?

That’s the challenge posed to me by Swimco. After all, is there anything we dread more than swimsuit shopping? It ranks right up there with fear of public speaking and snakes. (BTW, what is it about most clothing store change rooms with god-awful fluorescent lights and fun-house mirrors that make you look twice as big??)

Instead, here’s an option to purchase your swimsuit in the comfort of your own home. Purchasing online, of course, means a taking a leap of faith, since you won’t know how the suit looks until it arrives. On the other hand, you can try it on in the privacy of your own home in front of a mirror you trust, something that’s very appealing to me. And Swimco has a generous return policy so that your suit can be exchanged for the right size.

So, for a completely different experience, I accepted Swimco’s offer and ordered a lovely tankini online.


Cute, n’est-ce pas? I was impressed by the range of suits available, for all body types, shapes and sizes. Not having ever worn a bikini in my life (and I sure ain’t going to start now) I thumbed through the one-piece and two-piece (tankinis only) web pages. I was looking for a pink colour since my current suit is shades of aqua and teal. I also really like a halter style top, and was pleased to see a number of options.

I chose this halter-style top with a flattering design, and a swim skirt bottom, which I find to be just a little sassy. Swimco offers great sizing advice, and a size chart, to help you choose the right fit. I like the idea of a tankini because you can have differently sized tops and bottoms if you need. The helpful information on the sizing page advises customers to purchase one size bigger, so I did. (Why seek advice if you’re not going to take it?)

My lovely ensemble should arrive in about a week – so I will report back on how well the fit and style worked out.

(NOTE: Swimco generously provided me with a giftcard toward the purchase of my swimsuit.)

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