Best. Swimsuit. Shopping. Ever.

No pressure. No cramped change room or waiting in line. No lugging your handbag, shopping bags, umbrella or coat. When the swimsuit comes to you, it’s pure heaven.

Such was my recent experience with Swimco. Like most of you, I’d rather have my wisdom teeth removed without anaesthesia than shop for a swimsuit. That is, until I discovered shopping online.

Swimco’s website is very easy to navigate and the main pages have suits are organized into one-piece or two-piece, or “fitness” (read: Speedo-type performance suits). You can also perform your own sort by clicking on the side navigation options for things like colour, brand, fit, price and more.

I really like the tankini style. Full coverage in two pieces that let you mix and match. So off I went.

I have to say I was greatly impressed with the extensive range of suits available, even in the tankini style. With the ability to buy the top and bottoms separately, you can customize your look, or select different sizes for each piece if needed.

I chose a bright pinkImage patterned halter top, and a flirty-skirt bottom. I placed my order onImage May 26 and happily received my purchase on May 30. Wow, that’s fast!

In the familiar and (relative) spacious privacy of my bedroom, I tried on my suit in front of a mirror I trust. It fit perfectly and the style was very flattering.

Some tips to a successful experience:

  • Choose a style you have worn before, know and love. If you want to experiment, you probably will want to do that in a store.
  • Know your measurements, not your size. Like all clothing, sizes vary so take your current measurements and check them against the sizing chart.
  • Swimco recommends buying one size larger, however, I would advise judging by your measurements.
  • Swimco will take returns provided the hygienic strip is in place and all the tags are still attached. Be sure to try your suit on while wearing panties.

So, take the plunge and buy a swimsuit online. It may just be the best experience you’ve ever had.

(Full disclosure: Swimco generously provided me with a gift card toward the purchase of my new suit.)

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