How’s your fabric based language?

How’s your competency with your second language? No, I’m not talking about French or Spanish. I’m talking about your fabric based language. It’s a universal language, although its interpretations can vary greatly from country to country and culture to culture.

Fabric based language?


Yep. You tell a comprehensive story with what you wear. You speak volumes without uttering a word. And you do it in an instant. In fact, author Malcolm Gladwell says that we make decisions and choices based on instantaneous visual assessments. According to a Harvard Study, it can take up to eight positive impressions to counteract just one bad first impression.

Your proficiency with fabric based language can make a huge difference in your life, because people make assumptions and form opinions about you by your appearance.

Don’t you want to give life your best shot?

Your attire acts like a public address system announcing who you are. Clothes tell a lot about a person – is the outfit stylish? Is it neat, clean and in good repair? Shoes polished? Handbag complimentary? Jewelry and accessories appropriate?

You don’t have to wear designer labels, but you do need to give your appearance due consideration. Make sure it is speaking the same language you are – consistent with your values, personality and image. Make sure it reflects the best possible ‘you’ every time.


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