You can, it seems, teach an old dog new tricks

Recently, I attended my Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Image Consulting program graduation in New York. At 54 years of age, I was certainly among the oldest one in the room (professors included) but that didn’t faze me.

FIT certificate

You see, I’ve always believed in, and supported, lifelong learning. Whether you are studying a subject for personal interest, adding to your professional credentials, learning a new language or training to be a dog groomer in your spare time; I believe that continuous learning is what life is all about.

I happily spent two years completing the coursework required for my Image Consulting certificate. I was able to turn my love of fashion (and, let’s face it, shopping) into a new career. Along the way, I met people from around the world interested in doing the same. I loved the opportunities to discuss trends in fashion, fashion styling concepts and the business of fashion! It never seemed like work.

While I’m not done with my “day job” in PR yet, I have established an image consulting firm, Style on Purpose Inc., and have developed services for women interested in understanding their own personal style. I have a new service that I will launch in the fall – stay tuned! – which will broaden my offering to women in the Edmonton area.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my incredibly supportive husband, Dean, for his encouragement through this process. He believes in me in ways that continue to amaze me and I’m thankful everyday to have him in my life.

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