Nothing worse than being underdressed

Recently, I was invited to a party that was supposed to be business casual, but when I got there all the guests were in cocktail dresses. I was in a skirt and top that, while ok, certainly weren’t up to cocktail standards. I’m not sure how the wires got crossed, but there’s nothing more uncomfortable! I swear I heard Sesame Street’s “One of These Things is Not Like the Others” playing in my head all night.

apple and orangesWhat to wear, what to wear…
Normally I err on the side of dressing up, on the general theory that it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. In this case, I specifically asked what the attire was supposed to be, but somehow everyone else got a different memo. To make matters worse, as a fashion blogger, it seems people are already judging what I wear. Talk about awkward! And, since I was stuck there like that, I had to grin and bear it all night.

So what lessons have I learned from this:
• When in doubt, ‘chic-up.’ Wear elegant shoes, and carry a great handbag or clutch to dress up your outfit.
• Bring a wrap, scarf or statement jewelry to throw on at the last minute, if necessary.
• Make sure your hair and makeup are perfect so that you look put together.
• Wear deep coloured lipstick – red, plum, deep pink or coral. Deeper shades tend to look more fashion forward.
• Try to relax! Fretting about it all night just makes the situation worse.

Sigh. Easier said than done sometimes!


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