Hot, hot, hot

People might be surprised to know that we get some pretty hot weather here in Edmonton. Today it was 30C (86F) and the heat will last all week.

What does the fashionable woman wear to stay cool?

Obviously, dresses are the coolest option. Look for loose-fitting styles in natural fibres, such as cotton or linen. Natural fibres breathe. Looser fits allow the fabric to float away from the body especially when you move. Look for an empire waist, shift dress or A-line. Pair your dress with smart sandals or slingback shoes. Dressy ballet flats can also make you more comfortable through the day. In most office environments you can toss aside the hosiery.

Cotton capris, paired with a peasant blouse and strappy sandals can also be an office-appropriate look that’s cool and comfortable. Dress up a more casual look with a statement necklace and stylish handbag. Accessories and finishing touches, such as a sunny nailpolish, can really dress up an outfit.

You don’t have to sacrifice style even in hot weather.

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