Why I will NEVER own a knock off

Knock off is the polite term for counterfeit articles. Make no mistake, they are illegal and harmful to the fashion industry. Your friends may giggle and brag how they got a Louis Vuitton handbag for $140, but it’s nothing to take lightly.

LV Genuiine speedy handbagLV knock off counterfeit

In preparing for this blog I searched out the same Louis Vuitton handbag – one from the legitimate Louis Vuitton website (left, above) and one from a knock off site. I must admit I felt dirty just searching for knock offs. Sadly there are lots of options out there for counterfeit goods. Ewww.

And, let’s be clear. Luxury designers DESTROY out of season inventory. Real merchandise does NOT fall off the back of the truck or arrive “slightly damaged” at legitimate retailers. You’re fooling yourself if you fall for any of these lines.

Here’s the thing. Owning a genuine luxury item brings a certain prestige and polish to your look. It raises your confidence – even if no one but you notices. You walk a little taller, smile a little brighter and feel part of an exclusive club that cherishes the true value of designer work.

The materials, fit and finish, trimmings. The ease with which zippers open and close. Gold plated hardware (that doesn’t rub off!).

Honestly, I am truly confused as to why someone would buy a knock off and pass it off as the genuine deal. Surely you know in your heart that it’s not real. So what’s the point?

Respect the designer and the craftsmanship that goes into the real deal. Cherish and take care of your luxury items – they’re built to last, made of the finest materials and manufactured with extraordinary care.

If you want to wear a designer piece, wear the genuine article with the pride in knowing you’ve got something really special.

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