Product test – CND Nail Polish

CND nailpolishes Edit

The fall collection of CND Vinylux Nail Polishes arrived at my office with a flourish! With six yummy colours, I decided to share the wealth with some friends so I asked them to pick a colour and try it out.

About the fall collection, CND says: “CND’s fall Modern Folklore Collection. Available in both CND Shellac™ and CND VINYLUX™, the collection consists of six rich and gorgeous shades that transform nails into the ultimate fall accessory. Whether your fall look is luxuriously embellished or consists of florals and lace, the Modern Folklore Collection will indulge your senses this fall.”

Here’s what my friends  had to say about their experiences with the polish of their choice.

With a smooth, vinyl-like application, CND Vinylux nail polish was a dream. It lasted beyond the seven days that was on the label and that is just with a top coat. I packed, travelled and built sandcastles for two out of the seven days and my manicure was still intact. The only setback about the nail polish was removing it. It required pre-soaking but that possibly could have been avoided if I used a base coat. Overall, I would give this polish another try. – Vanessa, who chose Rose Brocade.

I don’t normally wear nail polish unless I get a pedicure and I haven’t done that for awhile (I probably should…).  But I tried the CND Fine Vermilion on my naked toes. For one thing, I was happy to do so as the colour was just ideal for my wardrobe and I love it!  Secondly, application was a dream compared to most nail polishes I’ve used in the past. It went on smoothly and cleanly with no dripping or mess. The coverage was amazing and I only used one coat.  Three weeks later, it’s still looking good. It will be time to say goodbye to it soon but I will definitely be seeking out this product for my next application! – Laurie, who wore Fine Vermilion.

I tested Crimson Sash, a rich plum shade with great depth and shine. I, too, found CrimsonSash_Vinyluxthat one coat was sufficient to provide even coverage. I used a topcoat, which extended the wear. The polish was a wonderful consistency – not too thin, not too thick – which meant that easy, even coverage was not only possible, it was probable. It glided on effortlessly. I would highly recommend CND Vinylux Polishes to anyone who is seeking a luxurious result.

CND Vinylux is available at Trade Secrets, Chatters and salons nationwide. Both the colour coat and Weekly Top Coat retail for $11.90.





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