Farewell, Mr. de la Renta

The world lost one its greatest fashion icons yesterday. After an amazing career as one of the foremost designers of his generation, Oscar de la Renta passed away.

His aesthetic celebrated the female form; his fashions contouring elegantly with a woman’s curves. People much more eloquent than me wioscar-de-la-renta-rtw-fw2013-runway-42_22155141990ll offer more suitable tributes; I am  just an adoring fan.

But I did have an up-close brush with his creative genius. I was incredibly fortunate to have worked backstage as a dresser in February 2013 at Oscar de la Renta’s F/W13 show during New York Fashion Week. While I didn’t meet the great man, of course, it was the experience of a lifetime to be in his studio.

This is the model I dressed for the show . The design, fabric and finish on these pieces were exquisite. The draping on the jacket appears to be random, but in actuality each fold was artfully stitched into place. The wraparound pants were fluid and sensual. These were the most exquisite garments I had ever seen.

Thank you, Mr. de la Renta, for helping women to discover the feminine, elegant sides of themselves.

God bless.



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