Glasses are a fashion statement

1085-TAL-WARBY-PARKER-WINTER-HOLCOMB-2014-Shot_07_150-04-04Almost everyone wears frames of some kind – whether they hold a prescription or sunglasses, eyewear is an important part of your overall look.

Eyewear designers launch seasonal collections, just like fashion designers, and I recently had a chance to preview the new winter collection from Warby Parker.

For those unfamiliar with Warby Parker, you’re in for a treat. This company was created to deliver boutique-quality eyewear affordably priced. Starting at just $120 CAD, I think you’ll find that ‘fashionable’ and ‘frugal’ can appear in the same sentence when considering this line.

This winter’s collection features eight frame designs and six colours to help soothe you through the frostiest of days. Wondering which frames will suit you best? The Warby Parker website has a nifty feature where you can upload a photo of yourself to try different frames ‘virtually.’

Affordably priced, think about getting more than one… after all, you always want to put your best face forward.


NOTE: I received no compensation or consideration for this post.

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