Bottom’s up!

We didn’t need to see it. I didn’t want to see it. But it was everywhere.

Kim Kardashian’s naked behind was splashed across all forms of digital media last week sparking a range of comments. As usual, Kim appears to need the spotlight like the rest of us need oxygen.

I’m not a fan of the Kardashians. Personally, I don’t understand how they got to be so famous, or why there seems to be an endless fascination with everything they do; Kim in particular.

But I am heartened by the ensuing conversations that resulted from her photo about body types and image. Certainly, Kim’s derriere is noteworthy. It’s not a typical skinny size 0, and she is genuinely proud of its size and shape. Good for her.

The dialogue about body types and the growing acceptance for diversity may actually be signaling a shift in the ways we think about shape and size. About 60 years ago, curvy women were all the rage. The hourglass figure was most sought after and celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield were adored for their shape. In the 60s, model like Twiggy heralded in the current era where stick figures reign. An era where size 10 is considered ‘plus size’ by the fashion industry.

dalbesio-poses-new-perfectly-fit-calvin-klein-adIn fact, the inclusion of gorgeous model Myla Dalbesio (size 10, pictured at right) in Calvin Klein’s recent “Perfectly Fit” ad campaign stirred controversy of its own. Myla’s own surprise at being treated just like all the size 0 girls during the photo shoot speaks volumes about the fashion industry.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s truly time for change. After decades of lip service given to ‘accepting’ a range of body types and sizes (but not really meaning it), here’s hoping society can finally take a healthy step forward.

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