Five easy pieces…of jewelry

We often talk about clothing in terms of wardrobes, capsule wardrobes or outfit-of-the-day. We know the ‘10 essential’ wardrobe pieces that every woman should own.

What about jewelry?

Are there classic must-haves when it comes to adding bling to your look? I would say that the choice of jewelry really should reflect both your lifestyle and your style personality. Those with a dramatic personality, for example, are attracted to big, chunky statement pieces, like cocktail rings and bold necklaces. Romantics, on the other hand, prefer delicate, fine pieces with lots of detail, such as filigree or engraving.

That said, there are still probably a few key pieces that everyone should think about adding to their collections. Here’s my top five list.

PearlsMikimoto strand

The beautiful thing about pearls is that you can choose a classic single strand, a Chanel faux pearl/CC logo extravaganza or anything in between. The point is, though, that pearls are such an iconic gem to own. For me, Mikimoto pearls are the best. (At right: Mikimoto pearl strand)

Stud earrings

filigree stud earringHere, every style personality can wear stud earrings since the options are wide-ranging. Delicate gold filigree earrings suit romantics, classics will choose round gold balls, sporty will pick a small silver stud earring.


I love a nice watch. I know that people under 40 have shied away from watches, but I believe they’re back as a fashion statement. Kate Spade has a delightful collection of watches that suit a range of personalities.

Statement necklace

There are times when only a bold, statement necklace will do. Again, style personalities can choose the design that fits best. Dramatics will love a bright, chunky necklace, classics will look to a chain or multi-strand, while romantics will include sparkly jewels.


From bangles to chains to charm bracelets, this category has taken off in recent years. I love Alex and Ani for their thoughtful sentiments and use of recycled materials, Pandora allows people to collect the charms that have meaning in their lives, while Tiffany offers a lovely assortment of chain and cuff bracelets. (below: Tiffany Atlas cuff bracelet)Atlas cuff bracelet

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