I don’t “selfie”


For those of you looking for a fashion blog that features numerous photos of the blogger in her select OOTDs, you’ll be disappointed by me.

I don’t “selfie.”

I have never taken a selfie, and there’s hardly anything I could name that I’d rather do less. I know for many people, selfies are a way of self-expression; of capturing a moment in time, a place, a significant event…

Mona Lisa duck face(I must confess to not understanding “duck face” expressions at all. But that’s for another blog post.)

The point of my blog is to share ideas, style tips, fashion trends and ways in which we can all inject a little more je ne sais quois into our lives. Just like you, I strive everyday to put forth my most fashionable self – some days are more successful than others.

In the ongoing journey of self-improvement, I’d rather share great images of new trends and styles than pictures of me.

I’m just not that into me.

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