Confidence is always in style

stylish retro women

Ever walk down the street and see ‘that’ woman? You know, the one who is completely put together – not over done, but just right?

How does she get there?

If you read style books or blogs, you’ll find a million tips to do this, wear that, pair those… and sometimes it can be really confusing. “Follow these rules…” says one. “Throw out the rules…” says another. What’s a girl to do?

CH spring 2013

First, it starts by knowing who you are. This sounds trite, but it’s actually the foundation. Knowing your own sense of style – what appeals to you, what you’re drawn to, who you admire – is the first step. Without it, you can’t possibly create the looks that really resonate.

There are several basic style personalities: sporty, classic, romantic, dramatic and natural/boho. (See my blog post HERE about these personalities.) Someone who looks right at home in the artsy natural/boho style would look silly dressed in a button-up suit. Even if she tried really hard, there would still be something a little off.

Many women have been conditioned to think they are traditional, because it forms Royal Ascot - Day 3the basis for most office attire, but when they dig a little deeper they find they’re drawn to something else. I met with a lovely lady who thought she had a traditional style, but upon closer review, she was always drawn to more dramatic looks: avant-garde jackets, bold prints, unusual finishings. Aha! She’s really a dramatic.

Once you know your own true style personality, you will have the confidence to pull off your looks. You will be “bien dans votre peau,” or comfortable in your own skin. You’ve heard the expression – now you know what it really means.

Style personality > looks that suit you > confidence > biens dans votre peau. C’est simple!

If you want help figuring all this out, please click HERE for a consultation.

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