Tech innovation improves sex life

Durex condomNow there’s a tech solution to your relationship issues. It works on all platforms and devices, and once employed, will change your life.

Research, sponsored by Durex® shows that the use of this technology can improve your love life, personal relationships and communications skills.

Even better, this technology is free.

Durex® created a video to introduce this technological breakthrough – it’s just a couple of minutes, so watch it HERE.

“With technology playing such a pivotal role in our personal lives and relationships, we set out to explore how it could be utilized in a positive way to enhance our sex lives, but in doing so we discovered the most effective answer was the simplest,” states Ukonwa Ojo, Head of Global Brand Equity at Durex. “After consulting countless experts, academic research and endless qualitative interviews, the solution turned out to be a simple one – we should disconnect to reconnect. We are encouraged by the response to the campaign and film, particularly as we approach Earth Hour. We hope it will help to reconnect couples that have let technology compromise their connection with each other.”

So, as Durex says, turn off to turn on. (And, safety first, people)

What could be simpler?

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