Crop tops, oh my!

Milly crop topThis season, we are seeing a lot of crop tops pop up in stores and online. Now, as a mature woman, you probably think these are completely off limits. And you’d be right if you were to wear them like Britney Spears.

But here’s an idea: consider a crop top over a cami or t-shirt. The thought of baring your midriff probably makes you as queasy as it does me. However, if you pair a crop with either a monochromatic or complimentary coloured cami or t-shirt, you can get the effect of a crop without baring it all.

So when you see these lovely crops in stores, grab a cami or t-shirt and head to the dressing room. It may take a bit to find one that works well, but it’s definitely an option if you want to try this style.

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