Is the bare-faced makeup trend for you?

051413-bare-faced-olga-kurylenko-400_1Runways and magazines regale us with articles and images featuring fresh-faced, no-makeup makeup look. The minimal look does require makeup, however. The secret is a light touch and natural tones that match skin tone. In our image, right, the model is wearing ivory tones on face and eyelids, with a hint of blush on her cheeks.

But is this look for you? Maybe… but mature women have certain skin issues, such as wrinkles, age spots or rosacea to manage. While mature women can also benefit from a light touch on makeup, try these guidelines:


  • use frost or shimmer shadows on eyes
  • attempt the ‘smoky eye’ look which is usually too intense for mature skin.
  • use blue or green shadows or trendy purples or pinks
  • white eyeliner, glitter or sparkles, which are not age appropriate
  • attempt ’60s cat-eye eyeliner (on the general principle that if you wore the trend the first time, you should avoid it the second time around)
  • use heavy foundation as it can settle in creases and wrinkles making them more pronounced
  • wear dark lipsticks, such as plums or deep reds


  • use natural beiges and browns on eyelids to create contour.
  • use brown or black eyeliner near the upper lashline to help define lashes
  • use brown mascara if you’re a blond or redhead – it’s more natural looking
  • use blended creme blush which is nicer on mature skin than heavy powders.
  • dust a light loose face powder to reduce shine and even skintone

By all means, experiment with your look. Make one change at a time until you feel comfortable.

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