Three things every woman should know

I’m often asked about how to develop or cultivate personal style. That, and help with shopping so that it isn’t so frustrating.chicos beige sweater

Good news is that, armed with three key pieces of information, any woman can successfully build a wardrobe that works for her. Stop wandering the mall aimlessly hoping that something will jump off that rack at you, and go “shopping on purpose.” Here’s how:

Body type

There are five basic body types: Hourglass, rectangle, pear, inverted pyramid and diamond. There are tips and tricks to learning how to dress for each of these body types – and how to shop effectively.

Style Personality

There are seven style personalities that describe different styles of dress. These personalities are relevant no matter what the current fashion trend. The advantage of know your personality is that you can shop the items that align with who you are, and ignore the ones that don’t.

Lifestyle Assessment

How do you spend your time? If 75% of your time is at work, 10% at the gym and 15% at social events, then your wardrobe should be similarly comprised. If you’re a corporate lawyer and your closet is mostly filled with yoga clothes, you might have a hard time finding something to wear to work. Conversely, if you’re a yoga teacher, have a closet filled with stilettos might not work for you, either.

If you want to learn more about your three key pieces of information, please click on “book a session” to send me a note.

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