True French Style

Having spent 10 days in Paris, I obeiffel towerserved a lot of very stylish women. And men. And kids. Style, it seems, is in the French DNA.

Or is it?

Or is it just that it’s part of the French culture to pay attention to what they wear. To get dressed “on purpose,” which is also my mission statement.

Despite all the books you read about the mysterious French je ne sais quois, my observation is that the French follow a few simple guidelines.

Here’s what I saw:

  • Women wear scarvesclassic burberry scarf
  • Men wear scarves
  • Kids wear scarves
  • Major fashion labels are in France, but Parisiens don’t seem to wear them. Not a lot of Chanel, Hermes or others flaunted – except some Burberry scarves. Michael Kors was the most obvious handbag. Many carried handbags without labels.
  • Contrary to the books, French women do get fat. Not in the same numbers as North Americans, but there are some.
  • Contrary to style books, French women do wear running shoes.
  • French women don’t wear makeup. And look stunning.

Here is a snapshot of the real street style in Paris:

Street style – women: Typically monochromatic with a pop of colour, usually in a scarf or shoes. Everyone wears scarves – they complete a look. Not always dressed to the nines, but always dressed in an “outfit.” Low heeled boots or shoes are common. Black tights with skirts and dresses. Occasionally a hat, not often. Handbags carried at the elbow in a very ladylike manner. Not a lot of designer labels, but always well put together.

Street style – men: suits with skinny pants, scarves over suits/ties. Older men carry traditional briefcases, as do younger men “on the rise.” Others carry backpacks. Trench coats very popular.

What style tips can you take from this? I’d love to hear from you

2 thoughts on “True French Style

  1. I noticed the unique French fashion during my visit there. It was very inspiring. 😊

    Very sad what has just happened there, my heart goes out to everyone affected. 😪

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